As we jump into the new year, we look forward to beginning a new project for water quality in the Upper White River Basin (UWRB) in Arkansas. We are working with FTN Associates to develop a watershed management plan, which will open new opportunities to protect our water resources for recreation, fishing, drinking water, and other important uses.

We are set to begin Phase 1, where we will prioritize sub-watersheds (smaller areas within the larger UWRB) to identify where efforts and resources can be targeted for the greatest improvements to water quality. FTN Associates will collect land use, water quality, and other data to model sediment and nutrient loads across the Basin.

Upon the completion of Phase 1 later in 2022, we will begin Phase 2 which is to write the watershed management plan. This phase will be informed by the results from Phase 1 and also will rely on public engagement. Effective watershed planning and protection require input from everyone – success is built from all the experiences and expertise of the diverse groups of people in the watershed who rely on good water quality for their agricultural, industrial, recreational, and domestic uses.

We look forward to creating a comprehensive watershed management plan with your help! Reach out to us with your questions or comments about water quality in the UWRB – visit our website: or email the project coordinator, Erin Scott, at

This project is made possible by funding from the Arkansas Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Division through the Nonpoint Source Management Program and the Environmental Protection Agency Section 319


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