Grant funds now available for eligible homeowners with failing septic systems!!!

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The average American uses 100 gallons of water per day at home.

65% of our drinking water comes from rivers and streams.

44% of assessed waterways in the United States are too polluted for fishing or swimming.

Small streams lead to larger streams and rivers. By safeguarding our streams and lakes, we are preserving nature’s ability to filter and supply clean water to the Ozarks.

Our Work

State Policies

We participate in the policy or rule-making process by attending stakeholder meetings and providing written comments to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. The public is encouraged to participate and has the right to submit a comment during the public comment period.

Septic Management

Failing septic systems are one of the major contributors of E.coli bacteria contamination and excessive nutrient loading into the Upper White River Basin. Ozarks Water Watch strives to improve the water quality of the Upper White River Basin by reducing the introduction of waste byproducts from entering the ground and surface waters from failing septic systems.

Water Quality Monitoring

Ozarks Water Watch coordinates and supports volunteers who help us collect stream and lake water samples at various locations throughout our watersheds!

Agricultural BMPs

Ozarks Water Watch supports and promotes the implementation of agricultural BMPs in the Upper White River Basin.

Clean Marina Program

The Clean Marina program is a voluntary, incentive-based program that encourages marina operators and recreational boaters to protect water quality by engaging in environmentally sound operating and maintenance procedures. The goal of this program is to improve and protect the water quality in both Arkansas and Missouri.

We have been able to assist with replacement costs for over 300+ homeowners who had failing septic tanks. 
In addition, we have just started with our Arkansas Septic Remediation pilot program.

In addition to replacing failing septic systems and education and cost-share for maintenance of onsite systems, our partnership with MDC has potentially prevented nearly 3,662 pounds of nitrogen and 799 pounds of phosphorus per year from entering the tributaries and Table Rock Lake. This amount of nutrient has the potential to provide for the growth of 358,000 pounds of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) per year. That’s like thirty-five 10,000 gallon Tanker trucks!

Septic tanks replaced
Prevented pounds of nitrogen pollution
prevented pounds of phosphorus pollution

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Make a Big Splash!

There are many ways for the public to get involved! From shoreline cleanups to golf tournaments, H 2Ozarks needs sponsors and volunteers who believe in our mission and are willing to help! The public can also donate to water quality by making a tax-deductible contribution or advocating for cleaner waterways in Missouri and Arkansas.

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