Arkansas Programs

H 2Ozarks has a mission to promote water quality in the Upper White River Basin through bi-state collaboration on research, education, and public policy. We strive to protect these watersheds through monitoring, outreach, and education. Beaver Lake, Kings River, and other sub watersheds are a part of the Upper White River Basin in Arkansas. Beaver Lake alone provides drinking water to over 400,000 residents.

A few of the projects we are working on in Arkansas are a new septic remediation program and clean marina program.

H 2Ozarks is administering a septic remediation program in Arkansas made possible by a $1.26 million grant from the Arkansas Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Division (NRD). This pilot project aims to improve and protect water quality within the watershed by assisting residents in remediating their failing onsite septic systems. By participating and meeting all necessary requirements in this program and depending on their household income, residents in the targeted watersheds will be eligible to receive some financial assistance in the form of grant/loan as reimbursement for repair or replacement of a failing septic system.

The number of septic systems continues to increase due to population growth throughout the watershed and around Beaver Lake. Failing septic systems can contribute to water quality problems due to the transport of nutrients and pathogens to local streams, rivers, or lakes. The goal of the program is to improve and protect water quality in the UWRB. Two other watersheds – the Upper Illinois River and Buffalo River watersheds – are also being funded through this pilot program with NRD.



2021 Secchi days

We have multiple volunteer programs for people wanting to get out and take water samples to be tested. Those programs include Beaver Lake volunteer program and Streamsmart volunteer program.