The Clean Marina program is a voluntary, incentive-based program that encourages marina operators and recreational boaters to protect water quality by engaging in environmentally sound operating and maintenance procedures. The goal of this program is to improve and protect the water quality of Arkansas and Missouri Lakes. The marina and boating industry depends on clean waters for their continued success. Participating in the Clean Marina Program helps the marina to publicly demonstrate that they are taking actions in being good stewards of water quality including promoting water quality stewardship to their patrons.

Marina Enrollment Process

To apply for this program, send a completed application and pre-survey checklist to for Arkansas and for Missouri. Our program coordinator will contact the marina and work with them to meet 50% of the mandatory program requirements, many of which are required by Corps of Engineers or Health Department regulations. Once these items are completed the marina is enrolled in the program. Enrolled Marinas then have a year period to meet designation requirements if they are not already achieved.

*At time of enrollment marina will be listed as a participant of the Missouri Clean Marina Program with the status of “Enrolled”.

Clean Marina Applications

Clean Marina Designation

To be designated as a Clean Marina, enrolled marinas must meet all mandatory items and 40% of applicable points and complete a post-survey checklist, working with the Program Coordinator.

*At time of designation marina will receive program recognition to include: signage, flags, educational materials, status updated to “Designated” and a press release announcing designation.

Clean Marina Checklists

Program Fees

Application to the Clean Marina Program does not include an initial fee. However, the program materials including signage, flags, boat stickers, and other materials would be offered at cost of production by our program coordinator.

Clean Marina Pledge
Clean Marina Guidebooks

Clean Marina Participants