This page contains information from other sources that provide data on Beaver Lake and the Watershed. This is not a comprehensive list but does provide other resources of data that are not collected through the Beaver LakeSmart Program.

H 2Ozarks – Status of the Watershed Report

This is an annual report on the status of the Upper White River Watershed and is compiled using multiple sources of data. Beaver Lake Watershed is included in this report.

Lake Levels of Beaver Lake

This link contains ongoing data about the lake levels of Beaver Lake. This information is provided through the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Secchi Day on Beaver Lake

Secchi Day on Beaver Lake is an annual event by Beaver Water District. The event takes place each year, generally on the third Saturday in August. Volunteers boat out to 35 different sites on Beaver Lake, collect water samples, and take secchi readings. The Secchi Day reports are available below: