Grants are available to help replace failing septic systems in the Crane Creek & Lower James River watersheds!

Several organizations are working together to complete a James River Watershed Management Plan through a Clean Water Act grant from the Department of Natural Resources. Part of this process is to implement a “Demonstration Project” in the watershed that will have a positive impact on the water quality.

H 2Ozarks is implementing a program to replace at least 5 failing septic systems in the Crane Creek and lower James River Watersheds (see maps for eligible areas) with an income-based grant to the homeowner to replace the failed system.

Interested homeowners should contact H 2Ozarks to determine eligibility and would need to follow the application process to receive the grant. The homeowner would also need to provide the match portion of the cost of the project. Approval must be granted prior to having the septic system replaced

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us or call 417-739-5001.