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A Lowell homeowner residing about a mile from Beaver Lake had a septic system that was more than 35 years old. The concrete tank had collapsed, which allowed sewage to surface on the ground in the yard near the home. Rainfall events and normal household water usage caused the pooling of sewage on the surface of the yard over the tank, and this overflow would runoff across the street toward Beaver Lake.  
This homeowner was eligible for both grant and loan funds through our Septic Remediation Program, so the design and installation expense of about $7,000 cost the homeowner just $700! 
Not all septic failures look the same – so if you are experiencing any of the following please contact us to discuss if our program can help you! 

  • Slow flushing toilets or slow drainage in sinks, showers, or bathtubs.
  • Backup of wastewater inside the home.
  • Pooling wastewater over any septic system components or drain field.
  • Sewage odor on the property, especially when coupled with a wet or soggy yard.

To learn more about our Septic Remediation Program Click HERE. You can also contact the Program Manager directly, or complete this FORM and we will contact you! 


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