With sincere gratitude, we wanted to thank Mama Jean’s Natural Market for their generous contribution to H2Ozarks/Ozarks Water Watch and commend them for their commitment to our environment. Did you know that Every year, across the globe, it is estimated that humans produce 300 million TONS of plastic waste and of that, 80% of that waste is single-use!

Last year alone, MaMa Jean’s went through about 324,000 single-use plastic bags and almost 200,000 paper bags. With this information, they decided to adjust their single-use bag policy and made the switch to reusable bags and biodegradable bag options for a 10 cent donation to our non-profit organization. We wanted to thank Mama Jeans for considering H2Ozarks in their efforts and for also helping us have Cleaner Water Together! Read the Full Story HERE.


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